A Campaign to Let Knowledge Serve

The Campaign for PSU is a $300 million fundraising initiative. Private philanthropy will ensure PSU’s commitment to equitable student success, and empower a university known for the relevance of its research and the depth of its civic leadership.

In 1946, a determined band of teachers and students gathered on the edge of the city. Through force of will, and against the odds, they built a college for students who wanted to look beyond the present to the possible. Who wanted to venture outside the classroom to learn from experience and solve problems.

From the beginning, they embraced a spirit of purpose and endeavor. It became a beacon of action and opportunity, of imagination and collaboration. It became Portland State University.

Seventy years later, PSU is still serving our city, engaging its deepest challenges and boldest aspirations. Serving all students with chances to do more and be more. Serving faculty whose passion and expertise are transforming what is possible. Serving the doers and dreamers and strivers and explorers whose curiosity and determination spark every new beginning.

Today in the center of Portland, a new vision has been born — that those who best serve our city can also lead the world. Join us.