Portland City Bridge

PSU has built an international reputation for connecting learning and inquiry to the vibrancy of Portland’s businesses, industries, nonprofits, municipalities, bureaus and creative agencies. Oregon’s thriving knowledge economy owes much to this dynamic interplay. With private support, PSU can serve our city more intentionally than ever, curating knowledge and convening partners to help address the most significant urban challenges and opportunities of our time.

Serving Our City is More than a Motto. It’s a Mission.

More than 100,000 PSU alumni live in the greater Portland metro area

PSU partners with 500+ community organizations

Approx. 4,000 people sleep on Portland city streets each night

Support the PSU Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative

In the West, the skyrocketing cost of living and declining public resources have created a uniquely intense housing crisis. The human toll is staggering, and the urban impacts unprecedented. The HRAC will harness PSU’s multidisciplinary research strengths and convene regional partners to meaningfully address the issues that create and perpetuate homelessness.

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Support PSU’s Digital City Testbed Center

How can emerging technologies help cities and improve the lives of those who live there? The DCTC spearheads a network of Pacific Northwest campuses where smart city innovations can be fully tested to better understand issues of security, equity and ethics. Initial areas of focus for this emerging center: accessibility, public education, and resilience to natural disasters.

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Support Urban Service Learning

In order to lead the world, you first have to be a part of it. Across PSU, seniors are engaged in capstone projects designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities that serve the city. These urban learning experiences are one key reason PSU is consistently named among the nation’s most innovative schools. Private contributions will enhance this signature PSU experience.

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Support Basic Needs Security at PSU

As students grapple with rising college costs to secure a better future, they are often living in a perilous present. According to national studies, more than a third of the nation’s college students don't have enough to eat and lack stable housing. Private contributions will enhance direct services for anyone in the PSU community who self-identifies as food and housing insecure.

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