At the heart of every great university are the faculty whose passions and pursuits define it. They provide dynamic instruction. They lead research projects with global influence. They collaborate to engage our city’s and world’s keenest challenges and opportunities. And every step of the way, they bring students along, providing real-life, real-work experiences. Investment in these brilliant minds has exponential impact — on student success and our region’s limitless future.

Give Faculty the Power to Lead and Inspire

PSU currently has 1,947 research and instructional faculty.

838 graduate assistants

Only 2% of faculty hold named positions.

Support Portland Professorships

Portland Professorships provide $25,000 of annual support for five years to attract and retain exceptional faculty and give them immediate resources to advance their vital work. Currently, 15 Portland Professorships exist at PSU. The goal is 50 by 2021 — a difference that will transform everything. Contact the PSU Foundation if you are interested in this highest-priority opportunity.

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Support Graduate Student Fellows

Too often Portland State is the first choice of outstanding graduate student candidates who ultimately choose to matriculate at schools that can make them better financial offers. Oregon and PSU need those bright minds to ignite research, sustain scholarship and support teaching activities. Private support for fellows are a crucial first step to sustained excellence.

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Support Faculty Excellence

The day-to-day work of standout faculty powers exceptional teaching, inquiry and outreach at PSU — and gives students new opportunities to learn by doing. This special fund administered by Portland State’s vice president for research provides timely support for high-priority projects and initiatives. Contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted.

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