Institute for Sustainable Solutions

VISION: Portland State University is internationally known for creating and implementing novel approaches to solve society’s most complex and pressing challenges. 

MISSION: The Institute for Sustainable Solutions is the central portal for sustainability at PSU, fostering innovative cross-disciplinary research, critical skill-building curriculum, and effective community engagement to solve sustainability challenges in Portland and beyond. 

VALUES: Our work is:

  • Integrative: We believe that systemic challenges require diverse, cross-disciplinary solutions.
  • Pragmatic: We enable research and education that is relevant and can be immediately applied to address current challenges.
  • Equitable: We promote social and economic equity in our research, student engagement, and community partnerships.
  • Collaborative: Partnerships across the University and with community organizations are key to effectively addressing sustainability challenges.
  • Transformative: We seek effective and lasting positive change—in the University, our community, and our world—through the continuous assessment and adaptation of our programs.

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